June 11, 2024    |    9:30am - 3:30pm

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The Lean Workshop Group consists of eight UK-based manufacturers of a wide range ofproducts and services, used extensively in UK manufacturing and logistics operations.


We organise FREE training event days, to teach and demonstrate lean manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0 concepts..


We have created a series of full-scale demonstration installations for the training day which will explain and demonstrate how lean manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0 concepts are used. Delegates will receive a balance of information in the form of classroom seminars carried out on the manufacturing line and then have the opportunity to try out the ideas on the manufacturing and logistics line.


Anybody! The training day is designed to appeal to anybody, irrespective of position or job description, from a manufacturing or logistics operation who wants to learn about lean manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0 concepts and how they may be applied to their workplace.


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Cordless assembly with incredible precision

EXACT and ANGLE EXACT Bosch Production Cordless Screwdrivers are incredibly accurate, durable and energy-efficient. In fastener locations where cables or pneumatic hoses would get in the way, the standard EXACT tools give you the ability to build better products, improve worker safety, and lower your costs.

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WERMA is a growing international company with more than 340 employees located in 7 sites, including WERMA UK Ltd based in Wellingborough Northants.. The company, established in 1950, is one of the global leaders in signal devices and is the technology leader in its field.

The company has established an industry standard with its modular signal tower range. Today WERMA manufactures a wide range of optical and audible signal devices as well as intelligent systems for process optimisation for the general industry and logistics.

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K Hartwall is a leading supplier of returnable goods carriers.  We strive to develop new solutions that enable our customer to improve the efficiency of their supply chains.

We do this by promoting the use of innovative, convenient and attractive Returnable Goods Carriers that add value through minimising total logistics cost, environmental impact and Health & Safety risks in the supply chain as well as increasing our Customers’ revenues.

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This Website will allow you to explore our many solutions, all of which can support in enhancing your performance.

Since 1970, ORGATEX® has designed and manufactured high quality products for lean project implementation, visual management and continuous improvement. Today, more than 7000 product types are available for shipping worldwide along with a wide range of bespoke solutions developed in conjunction with our global customer base.

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The main concern of modern production is to avoid waste. The MPS Manual Production Systems from Rexroth have been developed strictly in line with aspects for lean production, enabling simple and fast planning and implementation of lean production installations.

The demands on modern, lean production are more than just focusing on individual modules. In fact, an integrated system with a uniform implementation concept comes to the forefront. At Rexroth, this concept is reflected by the MPS philosophy.

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SICK industrial sensors – enabling Lean manufacture and delivering customer satisfaction

SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety and automatic identification systems. Our high quality products range from simple sensors to complex 3D camera technology.

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Spitfire is a market leading training and management consultancy providing bespoke change solutions across multiple industry sectors.

We provide an unrivalled level of Lean Expertise. By employing only Senior Managers with specific skills and in-depth practical background, Spitfire offer our clients years of industry knowledge and best practice:


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Visual Management Technology (VMT) is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Visual Management Solutions. We provide the most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions for clients across the UK and Europe.

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The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry, CV7 9JU June 11, 2024 9:30am - 3:30pm BOOK NOW
Thanks to the team for an awesome workshop, it was a great an no-nonsense practical demonstration of Lean and Industry 4.0 combined. I can highly recommend this workshop.
Oliver Buhlinger, New Intelligence
New Intelligence
Fantastic Day
Kirsty Eastwood, Rolls Royce
One of the most effective workshops on Lean I have been to in years. The team at Lean Workshop Group have put together an excellent practical demonstration, delivered by industry experts to help any business take their early steps into Lean to the more experienced who wish to consider I4.0.
Sam Thiara, MCS Control Systems
Very enjoyable day. Thank you and well done
Paul Fox, Denso Marston
A good all round experience
Paul Stratford, Cell Pack Solutions