Visual Management Technology (VMT) is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Visual Management Solutions. We provide the most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions for clients across the UK and Europe.

Visual Management Technology combine Lean industry knowledge with creative thinking to provide innovative, functional and professional products that allow our clients to bring out the best in their people and create efficient working environments.

We work across varying sectors where our clients have diverse Lean and Visual Management requirements. Our excellent industry knowledge and experience of Visual Management implementation allows us to deliver on these sector specific needs.

Our range of products and services include-

  • Visual Management Boards
  • Visual Management Centres (Obeya/War Room)
  • Whiteboard Overlays
  • Shadow Boards
  • Cabinets & Framework
  • Cleaning Stations
  • Safety Signage
  • Workplace Signage
  • Workplace Graphics
  • Floor Markings
  • Foam Control Solutions

VMT work closely with our clients to help them to better-

  • See what the current condition is
  • Provide a platform for improvement and change
  • Track and communicate performance
  • Create an efficient working environment


Thanks to the team for an awesome workshop, it was a great an no-nonsense practical demonstration of Lean and Industry 4.0 combined. I can highly recommend this workshop.
Oliver Buhlinger, New Intelligence
New Intelligence
Fantastic Day
Kirsty Eastwood, Rolls Royce
One of the most effective workshops on Lean I have been to in years. The team at Lean Workshop Group have put together an excellent practical demonstration, delivered by industry experts to help any business take their early steps into Lean to the more experienced who wish to consider I4.0.
Sam Thiara, MCS Control Systems
Very enjoyable day. Thank you and well done
Paul Fox, Denso Marston
A good all round experience
Paul Stratford, Cell Pack Solutions