Lean Workshop Group event at IAC in Newport – Wednesday 18th September    |    September 18, 2019    |    10:00

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Lean Workshop Group event at IAC in Newport – Thursday 19th September    |    September 19, 2019    |    10:00

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This Website will allow you to explore our many solutions, all of which can support in enhancing your performance.

Since 1970, ORGATEX® has designed and manufactured high quality products for lean project implementation, visual management and continuous improvement. Today, more than 7000 product types are available for shipping worldwide along with a wide range of bespoke solutions developed in conjunction with our global customer base.

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Delta House, Meadows Road, Queensway Meadows, Newport, South Wales, NP19 4SS September 18, 2019 10:00 BOOK NOW VIEW MORE
Fantastic Day
Kirsty Eastwood, Rolls Royce
Very enjoyable day. Thank you and well done
Paul Fox, Denso Marston
A good all round experience
Paul Stratford, Cell Pack Solutions