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Tailor-made work stations or entire production lines can be adapted to your individual requirements, based on the three pillars of manual production systems:

Assembly, Logistics and Information.

All MPS modules can be combined together freely, and ergonomically designed and perfectly matched to each other. By suitable choice of material and linking arrangements, the components are electrostatically conductive or deflecting and form a complete, uniform, protective system.

1. Assembly

The workstation system and the extensive range of Rexroth accessories are individually matched to your production requirements. Waste minimisation is assisted by ergonomically designed and field-proven product details.

The customised workstations offer variable dimensions and optional equipment configurations:

 • Variable dimensionsworkstation

   – work stations matched to product size/production area

   – matched to different loading requirements

• Fixed or adjustable working height

   – to suit individual standing/moving/sitting/standing position concepts

• Equipment configuration options: economic, basic or ESD

– the correct solution for all types of production

• With levelling feet or castors

   – for large loads or mobile useTool holders

• Available as individual components, kits or fully assembled

   – for quick production start-up


Dynamic seating promotes good ergonomics and a healthy posture are especially important for employees working on chaiir 2production systems, machines, or conveyor belts.

 • Well-conceived adjustment functions for all operating conditions.                                                                                        Low chair

Good visibility increases performance and reduces errors

• Flicker-free lighting suited to the work task

• Lamps and socket strips in various versions for different countries

• Pre-assembled connecting cables for safe and fast installation without the need for qualified personnel

2. Logistics

Rexroth components enable you to supply and transport different materials and containers in a variety of ways. Adapted to the production environment and work task, an individual logistics concept can be economically and flexibly achieved using standard components.

Flowrack systems can be used right at the work station as “supermarket” shelves or for the supply of containers.Flowrack 3

• Customised equipment and dimensions for universal use

• Adaptable and future-proof  thanks to the easy re-organisation and expansion capability

• Clear layout thanks to smart details such as different coloured rollers (for stock visualisation)

• Efficient process due to implementation of the FiFo principle

• The correct delivery medium for every requirement:

The EcoFlow system allows you to achieve material flows at work stations by linking them,and in the storage and commissioning areas.Ecoflow

• Conveyor track can be configured to customer requirements.

• Track width and material type can be adapted to container and application

In the case of pre-commissioned materials for short setting-up times, where there are many variants, or for direct supply of bins and (grab)containers – direct material supply via material shuttles helps to avoid inefficient processes and movements in the production run.

• Reduced number of storage and supply stations thanks to individually configured tolerances and flexible equipment features

• Ergonomic parts supply at the work station with shelves that have adjustable height, offset and tilt.

 FiFo stations ensure clear and transparent supply processes in production.FiFo

• Material supply at the specified, assigned station

• Clear visualisation of the production inventory (Kanban principle)

• Visual identification of surplus inventory

• Tracking of material faults and process breakdowns (FiFo principle)

• Quickly and easily adaptable to individual requirements.

3. Information

All important information is made directly available to employees and visitors via the information supply components. Information supply in all production areas forms the basis for continuous improvements thanks to conscientious staff and properly thoughtthrough decisions.

Flawless and reliable production

Information panels provide employees with direct access to important assembly instructions, quality specifications or relevant product data.Working instruction

Competent decisions and quick action

Company information, data and events relating to effective team meetings or on-site staff training are clearly, simply and quickly visualised by the information board system.

EcoShape tubular Aluminium System.

Modern production environments need to react quickly to changes in demand and products variations but at the same time enable you to continuously improve your processes. The ability to manage this successfully is vital to maintain a competitive advantage. The Rexroth EcoShape Aluminium Tubular system supports the Kaizen continuous improvement principles.

EcoShape can help your business in a number of ways:14385

With our streamlined product range, you can stock 50% less component parts and still have the ability to  develop  your lean workstation solution

• Structures can be easily optimised or extended in line with the Kaizen principle at little or no expense.

• Aluminium construction will not rust, providing an attractive, long lasting and stable product.

• All connections are sutiable for ESD conductive applications and are suitable for ESD-Sensitive applications.

• Flexible configuration enables you to optimise height levels such as workstations for improved ergonomics.

• Utilises standardised components to ensure minimum investment in time and cost.

MtPro Planning Software

MT pro 1

MTpro is a software for the planning and design of assembly technology systems which supports you in selection, configuration and ordering of products from Rexroth.

The Layout Designer element of MtPro provides quick visualisation of production lines and supporting equipment while also providing a full parts list. All configurations can also be exported to all main CAD packages to allow you to fully customise to your application.


ManModel from Rexroth provides a powerful tool for vital planning around ergonomic considerations for your applications and can aid in planning for fields of vison, reach and population variation.



Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries in the technology fields Electric Drives and Controls, Industrial Hydraulics, Mobile Hydraulics , Linear Technology, Assembly Technology and Pneumatics.


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