K Hartwall is a leading supplier of returnable goods carriers.  We strive to develop new solutions that enable our customer to improve the efficiency of their supply chains.

We do this by promoting the use of innovative, convenient and attractive Returnable Goods Carriers that add value through minimising total logistics cost, environmental impact and Health & Safety risks in the supply chain as well as increasing our Customers’ revenues.

We provide full design, product development and manufacturing capability to support generic and bespoke goods carrier solutions for many sectors including lean manufacturing, retail, dairy, postal and logistics.


Modular lean solutions improve supply chain efficiency

  • World class lean logistics eliminating waste in your supply chain
  • Reduce transport costs internally, locally or globally with modular lean solutions
  • Better vehicle fill and turnaround time cuts transport costs
  • Automated systems help to improve efficiency on the assembly line
  • Less manual handling due to mobile solutions and ergonomic design
  • Robust design reduces repair costs. Longer life span, lower maintenance costs

Don’t just take our word for it – experience world class lean logistics in action at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS7Fcvu2Dxs


Store-friendly carrier solutions improve in-store efficiency

  • Optimize the material handling in the Supply Chain to decrease the labour cost especially in the last 50 meters.
  • Get higher cubic fill and decrease transportation and warehousing costs.
  • Decrease the need for secondary packaging to minimize material costs and environmental impact.
  • Take advantage of the leading merchandising solutions to increase your sales through improved shelf-availability and enhanced visualization.



Efficient, cost-saving solutions for the beverage industry

  • Display-ready unit decreases handling costs a whopping 20–25%
  • Improve space utilisation. Less room for warehousing needed
  • Ergonomic all the way. Easy handling for staff, easy access for shoppers
  • Attractive presentation, branding and product availability are bound to increase sales
  • More efficient transport with secured load, high cubic efficiency and faster loading & unloading
  • Reach sustainability goals! Less weight, waste and secondary packaging
  • Suitable for automated handling
  • Multipurpose design for PET & glass bottles, cans and carton packages



Improve space utlisation throughout the supply chain

  • Modular logistic solutions will make loading easier, improve delivery efficiency and reduce product damage and loss
  • Reduce operational costs with higher cubic fill
  • Automated systems minimise the need for manual handling
  • Return logistics: robust construction designed for high-volume use keep maintenance costs low and life span long
  • Reduce CO2 emissions with a better vehicle utilisation. Less trucks, less fuel consumption
  • We provide products such as roll cages, parcel trolleys, package trolleys, foldable cages, still cages and also services such as asset tracking and asset management



Passion for an even more efficient supply chain

  • K. Hartwall value-added services help our customers to improve the total cost of ownership of the whole supply chain
  • Proven track record of delivering financial benefits globally
  • Turnkey service process including process analysis and improvement suggestions, goods carrier solution design, implementation and advanced financial services
  • All our services help our customers to gain visibility, get control and improve overall logistics process reliability



Thanks to the team for an awesome workshop, it was a great an no-nonsense practical demonstration of Lean and Industry 4.0 combined. I can highly recommend this workshop.
Oliver Buhlinger, New Intelligence
New Intelligence
Fantastic Day
Kirsty Eastwood, Rolls Royce
One of the most effective workshops on Lean I have been to in years. The team at Lean Workshop Group have put together an excellent practical demonstration, delivered by industry experts to help any business take their early steps into Lean to the more experienced who wish to consider I4.0.
Sam Thiara, MCS Control Systems
Very enjoyable day. Thank you and well done
Paul Fox, Denso Marston
A good all round experience
Paul Stratford, Cell Pack Solutions