June 11, 2024    |    9:30am - 3:30pm

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June 12, 2024    |    9:30am - 3:30pm

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5 Benefits of Digital Visual Management

As we edge closer towards more widespread Industry 4.0 adoption and a smart future, digital visual management systems are becoming increasingly common within the workplace. Their presence helps to pave the way for more efficient, effective, accurate and automated internal operations.

Digital visual management automatically collates data from a variety of sources – including ERP systems, production machines and CRMs- into a single visual presentation, highlighting vital business information in easy-to-absorb formats while simultaneously minimising the need for human input and reducing the margin for error. But facilitating a smart future is just one of the many benefits that can be derived from digital visual management. Let’s take a look at four more advantages:

1. Process Governance

Through digital visual management it is possible to generate a comprehensive overview of internal processes, procedures, and operations, all through a single interface. This enables organisations of all sizes and disciplines to constantly and consistently monitor all safety, quality, and performance data easily. As a result, data visualization makes it simpler to identify opportunities for improvement, identify derivation from standards and act on them, streamline processes and ensure regulatory compliance while also supporting the PDCA cycle.

2. Team Behaviours

Transparency is a leading corporate trend and is fast becoming a top priority for many organisations. With a strong link between business transparency and employee morale being noted, digital visual management, which allows for all members of an organisation to have access to vital business information at any time, from anywhere, is hugely important as a collaboration tool between different teams. This is especially timely when companies increasingly find themselves competing to recruit and retain the best talent. An open and transparent setup might not only make existing employees happier, this same mentality could also help to attract new ones.

3. Data Control

Digital visual management allows organisations to fully take control of the data that they hold. This method of visual management not only helps businesses to understand their data as a whole, but also assists them in determining which metrics are most important as key performance indicators. And with access from any connected device, and instant availability of live data, information can be controlled any time, any place.

4. Complete Simplicity

With studies showing that the human brain processes visual information better than textual information, digital visual management offers a quick, easy and automated way to transform business data into the most effective format for easy absorption. One Engineering Manager from a leading global parts manufacturer working with Spitfire says that “all our data actually makes sense now!” after using the Spitfire digital visual management system.

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Thanks to the team for an awesome workshop, it was a great an no-nonsense practical demonstration of Lean and Industry 4.0 combined. I can highly recommend this workshop.
Oliver Buhlinger, New Intelligence
New Intelligence
Fantastic Day
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One of the most effective workshops on Lean I have been to in years. The team at Lean Workshop Group have put together an excellent practical demonstration, delivered by industry experts to help any business take their early steps into Lean to the more experienced who wish to consider I4.0.
Sam Thiara, MCS Control Systems
Very enjoyable day. Thank you and well done
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