iCart delivers automatically without user involvement bringing significant savings in labour, floor space and work in progress.

iCart is an effective alternative to forklifts, pallet trucks and manual trolleys bringing about major cost savings.

iCart requires no user programming and can automatically determine the route it should follow to collect and deliver materials and products from locations around production and distribution facilities. It’s quick and simple to install, offering an off-the-shelf solution to product and material transfer issues.

The path of the iCart can easily be altered or added to by the user using a magnetic tape on the floor. The route/direction of the iCart is determined by using RFID tags fixed to the floor locally at junctions and process areas.

A wireless version is available enabling communication with production processes such as torque spindles, bar code readers etc. This feature also allows remote monitoring of the carts to establish their location and re routing if required.

Applications to date include:

  • Warehouse delivery/collection of materials
  • Parts distribution in production areas
  • Inter process parts delivery
  • Product handling through assembly/processes (conveyor replacement)


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